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About Us

Posted by on Oct 4, 2012 in General | 0 comments

About Us

Something Went Right is about:

  • Fun, joyful, and uplifting news, content, pictures and videos
  • Inspiring and intriguing trends in psychology, technology, health, wellness and the human condition
  • Critical thinking about today’s challenges and attempting to make sense of them
  • Emphasis on doing the right thing, which means many things to many people but follows the values noted below

What is our definition of doing the right thing? The foundation must be respect for the rights and beliefs of others, even though we may not agree or argue in opposition with the same, if not more intensity.

It’s about living a life where we smile, appreciate, laugh, and find joy in everyday life. There are always events and challenges in life that rise up, pull us in directions that we don’t want, drag us down, pummel our souls, or have us question ourselves on a constant basis. We acknowledge that these things will always be there, it would be foolish to think otherwise. However, a smile is contagious, a laugh in a crowd is more uplifting, a funny email, picture or video might be enough to turn our day positive.

A lesson learned moves us closer to understanding and respecting ourselves as well as of others. To paraphrase an old quote “Wisdom comes from experience, most of that bad.” But wisdom is not the only benefit of challenges, they also help us be inspired by others in how they rise to meet the challenge.

In the end, we love offbeat humor, disruptive thinking and technology, seeing inspiration everywhere – yet challenge anything that takes away our right to living a respectful, honorable and joyful life.

If you feel the same, or want to let us know your thoughts, drop us a line at or simply fill the form in below.


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Posted by on Sep 10, 2012 in General | 0 comments


Welcome to Something Went Right! Yes, I changed it again but for a really specific reason – usability.

The old style had drop down menus, but a sequential list of posts. The challenge that presented was finding an article after a short period of time. You would have to traipse down a long list to find something. With the new design, it’s more like Pinterest (which I personally like at the top level).

I’ve also added more categories of subjects and tried to update the functionality reflecting the latest types of technologies.

Hopefully you will find this redesign more to your liking.